Twin Matic Cartridge


Cartridges for the Twin Matic eyeshadow pencil.

 The compact cartridges contain a large amount of product. The weightless, powdery texture of the eyeshadow does not  gather in the crease of the eye and is long-lasting. The color can be intensified by moistening your eyelid slightly. This also makes it more long-wearing. FRAGRANCE - FREE !


To use: Please remove the black cap from the cartridge and the clear cap from the Twin Matic pencil. Then carefully screw  the cartridge onto the applicator. Attach lighter colours to the  bigger foam applicator for background, and stronger, darker colours to the pointed applicator for emphasis.


NOUBA FOR EYEBROWS (currently not available)

* to fill, define and shape

* stroke the applicator  gently over the brow in the direction of the growth

* precision application and perfect coverage

*unique " cream to powder"  formula

*creates a natural finish for eyebrows and evens out irregularities

* long-lasting and waterproof


PROFESSIONALS´ TIP:  The right light is crucial! You can only identify  the perfect color, and ensure you achieve even application and smooth transitions, if your light source is from the front and around a mirror.


6,10 €

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  • 3 - 4Tage