Ensuring that the skin is dry and free of oil, follow the lid line with our eyeliner, starting at the mid-point of the eye directly above the lashes and drawing the tip out towards the outside edge. Broaden the line here if desired. Then take the line down from the mid-point of the eye to the centre. Any little mistake can be removed using a damp cotton bud.


Wrinkles on the eyelid can break up your lid line, and (liquid) eyeliner can quickly start to look uneven. Here is better to blend in the lid line. This can be done very simply using our Retrectable Kohl Eyeliner or Twin Matic.


PROFESSIONALS´ TIP: Practice the perfect line on the back of your hand so that you can get used to how the tip of the eyeliner performs.

Always store your eyeliner tip-down to prevent it from drying out.

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